We work with a wide range of business both big and small to bring personalization to their projects.

Below are a handful of things we've created over the last few years for some really awesome folks.



Väsen Brewing approached us to make two menu boards for their tap room. What originally started as two basic menus began to turn into a design that would capture their love for the outdoors while fitting in with the theme of their taproom. Over the course of a few months we came up with a design based off signage from the U.S. National Parks Serivce. We layered mountains across the back of the menus to mimic that of an entrance sign to a National Park. After engraving the text we stained the name plates two different colors and paint filled the lettering to really bring out a 'trail sign' kind of feel. To finish it off we lined the wooden backer with a piece of steel and drilled and mounted magnets into the name plates to allow them to be changed out as needed.

20864387_10213739489945611_1463706078_n copy.jpg

tap handles

With their official tap handles still in production and their distribution date rapidly approaching, Väsen needed a stand in handle to go out with their kegs. Under a tight deadline we worked with design group 903 Creative and local woodworker IronOak to pump out a fast and creative solution. In a little under one week we cut, engraved, painted and sealed 110 double-sided tape handles. 


jockey box

Väsen decided to spice up the look of a traditional jockey box by having us custom laser engrave the cover. The jockey box is used to serve smaller amounts of beer at festivals and other events away from the brewery. Designed by 903, laser engraved by Kugo, built by IronOak. 

Väsen Beer Flight [shown below]

Working with three other creative teams we collaborated in making Väsen's beer flights. Existing elements, shapes, and designs were taken from their tap handles and engraved to the flight design. The main planks are ambrosia maple with white oak legs which stands the flights roughly 1.25" off the table top. This allows the inserted glassware to "float" off the table top for easy removal. A slot was then laser engraved at .003" tall so printed name tags of each beer could be inserted behind each beer.


Reserved Signage [Shown Below] 

 Each sign was laser engraved, paint filled, clear coated, and then fitted with a chalk board. Made from red oak to match the existing wood throughout their taproom. 


15320357_10211174464421576_490951610_n copy.jpg

Hardywood brewery 

In the fall of 2016 we worked with Hardywood Brewery to design 25 custom laser engraved stools for their new taproom in Charlottesville, Virginia. Using reclaimed oak from a local farm we planed, joined, and glued strips of oak together to form butchers block for the stool tops. The tops were then coated and mounted to steel bases built by our local metal shop, Ore & Fiber. Hardywood later returned to order 30 more stools for their Charlottesville location.



To celebrate the seasonal release of Hardywood’s Gingerbread Stout we laser cut and engraved 200 ornaments out of Cherry.

CNC Router

gather office signage

We worked with design studio Campfire & Co. to make various office signage for Gather, a co-working office space. We made signage for their locations in both Richmond and Norfolk, Virginia. Signage for both locations included routed and engraved white oak room signage and a routed white oak letter sets.

signage cnc route laser engrave richmond va
cnc router laser engraved
signage cnc route laser engrave richmond va

CNC routed room signage with laser cut lettering for Gather’s Richmond location.

signage cnc route laser engrave richmond va

Laser engraved and cut room signage for Gather’s Norfolk location.



We worked with 903 Creative to help fabricate chef menus for PERCH in Richmond. We laser cut blue and teal acrylic for the menu backers and finished the design off with a Red Oak clip with PERCH’s logo laser cut through the wood.




Join or Die Knives has been one of our clients since the start of KUGO. Working together we designed a custom laser engraved/cut gift box for his customers to order. Made from a birch plywood, we engrave his logo on the sides of each box. From there they are cleaned and glued together.

Gift cards

Looking for a unique way to produce gift cards we laser cut and engraved wooden cards based off Join or Die's knife design.

groomsmen boxset




RVA Performance was looking for a way to honor their members who have been with them from the start. Looking for something simple and clean they decided to go with a laser engraved maple plywood award. During production we decided to use some walnut scrap we had laying around the shop and throw in some custom engraved bases to hold the wooden plaques.




We met the folks at Black Hand Coffee just as they were opening their second roasting and coffee shop location, Café Nostra. Working with them we created custom engraved seats and laser cut menus. 



blue sky fund awards

The Blue Sky Fund came to us looking for a fun way to create their 2017 awards. Using pieces of 2" thick red oak we laser engraved and coated a set of plaques for them to give out. 


Lamplighter Coffee hands out refill tokens for their patrons who choose to opt-out of taking their refill during their visit. Customers can then return at a later date and turn in their tokens to redeem their refill. Each token is laser cut from maple plywood which burns a dark brown when being engraved.


tokens during engraving process

Table top signage

Used at pop-up events and coffee expos as table displays.